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My handmade art the river of life

My passion in my free time in all life was music, painting on canvas, jewelry and crafting. I am a very creative woman and  I tried to paint on canvas in oil and acrylic for my family and our grandchildren to fill their walls room like a gallery with animals and flowers.  A long time ago I got the idea to gather fish bones in order to create unique and wonderful art. It is very difficult to gather fish bones in many shapes and sizes because I don't have a pond with fish in my garden, my husband is not a fisherman and also is not enough if I eat everyday fish with my family and all my friends. A big issue was the chemical treatment of the bones to be suitable for this art because if you know some anatomy the fish bones are moist and smell very bad. Even if I wash bones very well, the bad smell persists all the time and colour will turn yellow. My husband works in this field as a chemist and helps me to treat this bone to be white without smell and teach me another procedure to go ahead. Many procedures were applied for this art like washing, chemical treatments, whitening, polishing, cutting, designing, carving etc. First fish bone art was like a miracle for me and also a marvellous art. The pictures which  I made are not very nice because of the art is framed and take a picture with screen glass is difficult. When I made the art I am not tinking to the sale and now I can't open to take pictures. You have some pictures without frame and glass and the result is perfect. But I guaranty the real picture is marvellous. Many people and many friends admired my art. I created a gallery and all my friends were very impressed with my artwork and encourage me to open an online store. Now I try to do for you dear customers.  

Get handmade art, forget the rest!

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